Wash. woman drowns in rip tide near Lincoln City

LINCOLN CITY, Ore. -- A 54-year-old woman drowned off the coast of Lincoln City Friday morning after getting caught in a rip current.

State police officials said the Vancouver, Wash. woman was swimming at the D River Wayside park with her 23-year-old daughter Friday morning. About 15 minutes into their swim they were caught in the strong undercurrent.

According to the police report the daughter made it back to the shore safely, however her mother was pulled out of sight.

After several minutes witnesses spotted the woman floating face down in the water off shore.

Emergency responders brought the woman ashore and drove her to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The woman's family asked to have time to talk to friends and relatives about the death before releasing her name to the public.

From State Police:

With the upcoming hot weather and expected influx of visitors and others recreating at Oregon's beaches, water safety is an important part of those trips.

According to Oregon Parks & Recreation Department website, "rip currents are strong currents of water that rush out to sea. They are stronger than even the best swimmer. These currents can swiftly sweep unwary beachcombers and waders off their feet and out to sea. Rip currents may appear as dark, choppy water. Any time you see debris and foam floating out to sea, chances are you have found a rip current. Avoid the area."

Water safety experts advise if one is caught in a rip current, don't panic. Swim parallel to the beach until you are out of the current, then head for the beach.

You can find additional beach safety tips on the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department website.