Walking trail to get much needed improvement

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Riverside Park is a popular spot for homecoming and prom photos, and pretty soon, officials say it will be even more picturesque.

The 850 foot paved path that runs behind the Roseburg Visitors Center and ends at Flint Street is about to be renovated.

The current sidewalk is about four feet wide, but the city is replacing that with a new ten foot wide path. Nikki Messenger, Roseburg's Public Works Director, told KPIC News that the path was already in need of repair. "It will actually be a nice amenity," she said. "The four foot path was starting to show some signs of age and needed to be replaced anyway, and we were able to secure a grant from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, one of the recreational trail grants, to replace that section and upgrade it."

The renovation starts Monday and is expected to be complete on August 31.

The sidewalk will be closed during construction.

Those who regularly use this sidewalk are encouraged to use an alternate route on SE Pine Street.