Vietnam veterans to be honored at March 29 event in Coquille

COQUILLE, Ore. – Vietnam veterans in Coos County will be honored next Wednesday, March 29, at an event held at the Owen Building in Coquille.

Vietnam veterans can gather to visit.

There will be a slide presentation about servicemen and women and recognition for the veterans’ service.

Organizers say the event shows Vietnam veterans the appreciation they may not have been given when they returned from the war.

"I've been working with veterans for 20 years, and there's just a lot of hurt,” says Coos County Veteran Services Officer Barye Bluth. “In past wars there were parades and 'welcome home' and 'you're our heroes,' and they didn't get that. So we just want to kind of correct that."

It starts at 1 p.m. but you are asked to arrive early.

You can RSVP by calling the Coos County Veterans Services Office.

Veterans are encouraged to send a picture of themselves taken during their time in the service to be shown during the presentation. Those should be submitted by Friday.