Video shows customer tackle hatchet-wielding robber

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A 22-year-old man who tried to rob a deli with a hatchet will spend more than 7 years in prison after a jury found him guilty Thursday.

It took the jury 5 minutes of deliberation to find Sidney Sean Queener guilty of first degree robbery. The charge carries a 7 1/2 year mandatory minimum sentence under Oregon law.

Police found Queener "in the grasp of the customer" after the report of a robbery at Ashley's Deli, 4027 Main Street, on December 30, 2012.

As Queener demanded money from the clerk, a customer playing a lottery game decided to spring into action.

"The guy that was robbing the place had no Idea I was behind him," Daniel Gehrig of Springfield told KVAL News in December. "I looked back at the employee, he gave me that look of 'Oh my god, what can I do?' ... and that's when it kicked in."

Gehrig said that after he evaluated the situation before he tackled Queener.

"We struggled for a little bit, and I grabbed ahold of the hatchet. He started to struggle some more so I started choking him out until he gave up," said Gehrig. "I didn't even think, I acted. It wasn't about my safety, it was about helping" the cashier.

With the case resolved, police released raw surveillance camera footage of the incident.

Queener can been seen pushing the clerk and pointing at the cash register.

Suddenly, Gehrig appears in the frame, tackling Queener to the ground.

The clerk hits a panic alarm button and run clear of the struggle taking place on the floor.

On Friday, KVAL News was with Gehrig when he watched the events unfold from the camera's perspective for the first time.

"Cory's getting to the register to give him money, I'm coming in from behind him,and he just looks back at me," Gherig said, narrating the video with a play-by-play as he remembers the events " I just tackle him. I had him and the hatchet at the same time."