Video shows arrests at Eugene party

EUGENE, Ore. - Video shot while police made arrests at a noisy apartment party in Eugene on Saturday show officers telling people to get on the ground - and physically forcing some to do so - as voices off camera ask to be shown a warrant.

The video, posted Tuesday on YouTube, shows about 4 1/2 minutes of the incident.

Officers entered the apartment by force after obtaining a warrant by phone. Eugene Police have said the action was necessary because the residents of the apartment would not open the door to respond to a noise complaint.

Police arrested 8 people, including the party's hosts. Two dozen more people were cited for being minors in possession of alcohol.

KVAL News spoke with Lt. Doug Mozan with the Eugene Police Department on Sunday about what happened Saturday night. He had watched video of the incident captured by police officers.

"There were some people that did physically resist police officers and their resistance was over come," Mozan said Sunday. "There was not a whole lot of force that I saw used and people were safely taken into custody."

One of the people arrested spoke to KVAL News on condition of anonymity.

"I was thrown to the ground and handcuffed even though I didn't have a drink in my hand," the man said. "There was no proof that I was drunk, they didn't give me a sobriety test. They just handcuffed me and assumed that I had been drinking."

Eugene Police said they could not comment on the YouTube video because the charges have not yet been resolved by the court system.

KVAL News has also sent a public records request to the Eugene Police Department seeking any video of the arrests shot by officers on the scene.

Police may decline to release the video until the cases are adjudicated under the criminal investigatory materials exemption to Oregon's Public Records law.

The law considers such exemptions "conditional," meaning public records can be released if "the public interest requires disclosure in the particular instance."

Watch the video | WARNING: Contains language some viewers may find objectionable