Video of plant theft posted on Facebook may have swayed thief to return it

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A plant thief in Hillsboro may have been swayed by Facebook to give the plant back.

The theft was caught on surveillance video, posted on Facebook, and the same camera captured the woman returning the plant two days later.

The woman parked in the driveway of a Hillsboro home, walked up to the front door, looked in the window of the house, took a potted plant off a stand and took it to her car. It happened in the middle of the afternoon.

Paul Lemieux and his wife Christine noticed the plant, a Mother's day gift from their two girls, was missing. They checked their surveillance camera.

"Something about it caught her eye," said Paul Lemieux. "It's not that easy to see from the street. She drove past the house, pulled back into the driveway, and in less than a minute took off with the plant."

Lemieux posted the video on his Facebook page, hoping someone might recognize the woman. The Facebook post had more than 25 thousand shares from Sunday to Tuesday afternoon.

She may have recognized herself.

Monday night, this time in the dark, she apparently parked up the hill from the Lemieux's home, walked to the house, and put the plant back.

Lemieux said they were headed to bed and just happened to look out the window and see the plant back in place, in fine shape.

They were home both times the thief showed up, but didn't hear her.

They filed a police report but they're not really pushing for punishment.

"We were just hoping to embarrass her, maybe shame her into not doing it again, if she's been doing it to other people. Hopefully she's learned a lesson" Leamieux said.

Police have a good picture of the thief, but the video camera wasn't quite good enough to get the license plate off her car.

If it had, police say they would have no problem tracking her down and identifying her.