Veteran's memorial begins construction

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A new veteran's remembrance memorial cemented its foundation on Monday, as concrete was poured into the ground.

The Patrick Kelly Post and the VFW say they've been working on the plans for the memorial for five years.

Bill Hamman, a chairman with the memorial, says black marble engraved plaques will line the walls in dedication to veteran combat soldiers.

Those involved say they couldn't be more ecstatic about the progress. "To have something that you've dreamed about and worked hard on, finally coming to pass, is unreal," said Hamman.

Michael Eakin is a Post Commander of the VFW, and says the memorial will be something for generations to enjoy. "If their name is up there on that wall, it's something they can show their kids or grand kids and say, 'Yes, I served here.'"

The Patrick Kelley Post in Roseburg is one of the oldest Veterans of Foreign Wars posts in the state, and crews say they hope to honor it by completing the project on the posts' 81st anniversary on March 5.