Veterans haven't given up on VA Hospital ICU

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Intensive Care Unit that was shut down at the Roseburg VA Hospital dominated Tuesday night's meeting of the 'System Worth Saving' task force.

The room was packed during the Roseburg American Legion Post meeting.

The Director of National Veterans Affairs, Verna Jones, led the discussion about the hospital, which turned out to ne more civil than the last.

Jim Little, the president of the Douglas County Veterans Forum, says they felt like someone was there to hear them. "She gave the impression she was there to listen, she was there to take those comments and something would be done with them," Little said.

Little says the meeting redeemed the task force from a January visit, which was filled with boos and yelling.

Veterans shared their experiences and concerns, primarily over doctor turnover at the VA hospital and the intensive care unit, which was closed in 2009. "That's been an ongoing campaign that has involved our elected officials," Little said. "We went all the way to the legislature, they passed a resolution supporting our position that the hospital be returned to full service hospital."

Despite hearing the VA hospital had no intention of re-opening the ICU, veterans like Little remain optimistic. "You know, we still campaign for an ICU, that's what we want," he said. "That's the bottom line, and we're going to pursue every avenue we can to make that happen."