Vaccinations: 'That's my decision to make'

Oregon lawmakers approved a vaccine education bill, which would make it harder for parents to send their kids to school without vaccines.

But not everyone is happy about it.

Darci Ritter has two kids, and she says she opposes the vaccinations. "I wouldn't want to put any poisons or toxins into my small children," Ritter said.

She says her five year old daughter had vaccinations, the youngest did not. "My daughter that has no vaccinations, not one, is far healthier," she said.

Ritter isn't the only parent who is against the shots.

Oregon has the highest rate of parents refusing vaccinations for kindergartners.

That fact is something that concerns Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer, a Roseburg area pediatrician. "Just last week there was a kid whose parents didn't give him the vaccine, and this kid was very sick. The little one was in a hospital for a few days," he said.

On Wednesday, the state lawmakers in the house approved a bill requiring parents to watch an educational video or consult a doctor before saying no to the immunizations.

Ritter says the final choice should be hers, and it shouldn't be up to the government. "That's my decision to make. They can give me the information if they want, that's their decision," she said.

The bill is now headed to Governor Kitzhaber's office, where a spokesperson says he is expected to sign it.