'Undercover Boss' goes Dutch: Oregon company on CBS show

EUGENE, Ore. - If you haven't watched "Undercover Boss," here's the basics:

The head of a company dons a disguise and works at several different jobs in the company as the cameras roll for a fake reality show.

The boss typically has a personal or business crisis to confront - and the employees the boss meets along the way often bare their souls, too, in ways that move the boss (and viewers).

On Friday, the CBS show is going Dutch.

Travis and Dane Boersma started Dutch Bros. in Grants Pass, Oregon, in the early 1990.

The brothers built a company that combined high-octane customer service with a laidback vibe.

Dutch Bros now has dozens of locations in 7 Western states.

But Lou Gehrig's disease claimed the life of Dane Boersma in 2009. Travis decided to go undercover to see if his brother's vision and vibe for the company lives on.

#LiveOnKVAL at 8 p.m. Friday, you can watch Travis Boersma go undercover as a "broista" at a coffee stand; as a coffee roaster; and as a laborer on a coffee farm in El Salvador.

Dutch Bros. employees across the West are holding watch parties, and the causes the company helps support through its philanthropy are busy encouraging their supporters to tune in.

To help mark the local company's appearance on "Undercover Boss," KVAL News plans to broadcast live from the 18th and Chambers location in Eugene at 5 and 6 p.m. You can watch the news broadcasts streaming #LiveOnKVAL.

Show features employees of Dutch Bros.

The employees featured on the show Friday include Alberto, the foreman of the plantation in El Salvador that provides Dutch Bros. with 25 percent of the coffee beans used in the Dutch Bros blend. Alberto has 2 sons, one of whom has only one leg due to having polio as a child.

Boersma also shadows coffee roaster Wil, who has some ideas about how to improve the efficiency of the operation - but feels forgotten by upper management (that's about the change).

Dutch Bros. manager Jazmin runs a store in Arizona but hales from Oregon. The show's producers say Boersma discovers that Jazmin's great attitude hides a lot of pain from her mother's gambling addiction and her grandfather's death.

And as a "Broista" serving coffee, Boersma meets Banesa, a bright, bubbly employee who loves her job and life. But as a single mother of two children, one with Down's Syndrome, Banesa struggles to keep up with everything.