Umpqua NF on top of fires from this week's lightning

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Firefighters responded to three fires on the Umpqua National Forest on Thursday, keeping all under a tenth of an acre.

Two of the fires were on the Diamond Lake Ranger District. The third fire was on the North Umpqua Ranger District.

Firefighters will staff two fires near Grasshopper Meadows in the Rogue-Umpqua Wilderness on Friday, the USDA Forest Service said.

It's been a busy week for fire crews after thunderstorms repeatedly swept through the area.

Five fires reported on Wednesday were kept to under a tenth acre.

The Forest Service said initial attack - a wildland firefighting term for the first firefighters to attempt to extinguish a blaze - continues to be successful.

The Umpqua National Forest has attacked fires with a combination of helicopter rapellers, aircraft and ground-based firefighters.

Now resources are positioned to respond to smoke reports in areas receiving concentrated lightning strikes this past week. The increased humidity of this week is forecast to give way to drier conditions, which could kindle holdover fires still quietly smoldering in single trees or stumps.

The Umpqua said resources include four 20-person crews, 23 engines, 4 water tenders and 4 tree faller units.

Air resources include two helicopters staged at Toketee and a fire detection plane at Roseburg.

Campers are encouraged to use designated fire rings in campgrounds and to make sure that fires are completely extinguished prior to leaving.

Call the Fire Information Line at (541) 957-3261 for the latest information on industrial fire precaution levels and public use restrictions.