UCAN not just feeding people

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A surprising fact for some, the UCAN food bank isn't just in the business of feeding people.

Thousands of pounds of food pass through the doors of UCAN every month, but officials say it's not just people food: UCAN also collects food for pets.

Dog and cat food is often in high demand, but isn't donated as regularly as people food, which can cause a problem.

Organizers say there are some people who feed their pets before themselves. "The emergency food boxes help thousands of people every month, and a lot of those people have pets," said UCAN Food Bank Coordinator Jeanine Coffey. "Unfortunately, a lot of folks will, like people who have kids, the pets are fed before they are."

Coffey says those people are often the elderly, who look at their pets as their children and don't want them to suffer.

Coffey adds that they're always looking for more donations, whether they're pet food or people food.

Coffey also adds that they're currently short on volunteer help. So, if you're looking for a way to give back to the community, she's asking people to volunteer with the food bank.

CBS news recently reported that a non-profit has started a 'Pet Food Stamp' program. You can See The Video Here