Trucker hurt when train hits rig

BROOKS, Ore. - A trucker suffered head and leg injuries when he drove across a private railway crossing in front of a train Friday morning.

The train couldn't stop in time to avoid the truck and double trailers loaded with 35 tons of ammonium sulfate fertilizer, the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

The train hit the truck at about 25 mph, causing the truck and trailers to overturn.

The trucker, 56-year-old Allen Parks of Amity, suffered head and leg injuries, the sheriff's office said. He was taken to Salem Hospital. His condition is not yet known.

The crash happened around 10 a.m. as Parks left the loading dock at Marion AG Services, 3635 Brooklake Road N. Parks is a driver for Simplot Soil Builders in Halsey, Oregon.

As he left the facility, he drove across the Portland Western Railroad tracks just as a freight train approached the unsignaled crossing. The conductor couldn't stop in time.

The impact injured Parks and spilled diesl and fertilizer.

Neither the conductor nor his assistant was injured.

Marion County Fire District had personnel on the scene dealing with the spills. The Portland Western Railroad will be investigating the crash, the sheriff's office said.

Deputies expected the train to block Brooklake Road for several hours Friday as the investigation and cleanup are conducted.