Travel trailer trouble in North Bend: 'I don't feel safe'

NORTH BEND, Ore. - Neighbors are watching and waiting whether the city can remove a camp trailer parked for days on a street near their home.

"I want it off the street," said Shana Jo Armstrong. "I don't want this to become someone else's because I'm the third, we're the third neighbors that have had to deal with it."

The same trailer was parked at a house - with someone living in it.

"They moved it," said resident Jennifer Grimes, "but they moved it out to the street smack down where everyone can see it. I don't feel safe with it there."

The trailer has been red-tagged by the city to be towed if it isn't moved by July 2.

Police admit the city has no ordinance on the books against camping.

Instead a combination of ordinances are being used to remove the dilapidated trailer.

Police Chief Robert Kappleman said they don't want to just tow the trailer if people are living inside. They want to help them find an alternative and legal place to live.

The neighbors just want it gone.

"They've been playing the little city ordinance game with this trailer," Armstrong said, "so he's got to personally talk to them before they can give them the 48 hour notice."