Tire shop: Less snow = less studded tire swapping

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The deadline to remove studded snow tires from your vehicle is here.

Local tire shops were making the last minute swap-outs on Monday.

The lack of snowfall this year might mean some shops aren't as slammed as in previous years, but Monday was still busy as the deadline hit for getting studded tires removed.

Richard Harding from Roseburg Tire Pros says it was a little easier this year. "I'd say normally we have more snow tire change overs, but you could see in the Fall and Winter it just wasn't happening as much because we weren't getting the snow," Harding said.

Tire shop workers say say it is a quick and simple process that they prepare for this time of year. "The customer usually comes in, like that pickup you saw earlier, and they'll have four tires in the back and you'll see the studded snow tires on their vehicle, so it's usually pretty obvious," Harding said.

If you continue driving with the studs after March 31, getting pulled over could land you a $190 ticket.