Time to get those teeth checked out... on your pet

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Officials say that now is the time to get your dog's teeth checked out.

February is Pet Dental Health Month.

Officials say poor dental health can lead to more serious problems, and just looking at your pet's mouth won't always work.

Dr. Alan Ross with Companion Animal Clinic says sometimes dental problems aren't visible to the naked eye. "It's very important. One has to realize that 60% of the pathology in a mouth is under the gum line and you don't see it," said Dr. Ross. "What looks like a healthy tooth, you'll find that it's rotting under the gum line."

Officials say that pet's mouths are often overlooked.

Poor dental health can lead to bad breath, but it can get much worse.

A dirty mouth can be a source of infection that can spread throughout the body.

But, a regular check-up will help stop dental issues before they become serious health problems, officials said.

You also need to have your other pet's teeth checked out, and you don't only have to have it done in February.