Tiller Elementary could close due to budget cuts

TILLER, Ore. -- Faced with budget cuts, Douglas County School District 15 is looking to make ends meet, which just may end up closing the local elementary school.

At the Monday night board meeting, closing the Tiller Elementary School was discussed.

Mindy Porter, the superintendent and principal at the school, says it comes down to money. "As we know, funding for our districts is, you know, minimal," Porter said.

The school district is facing budget cuts, and closing Tiller elementary was brought up to the board as an option. "Tiller elementary school will not be closing at this time. It was one of the cost-savings listed, however the board and the community their desire is to keep it open," Porter said.

But there will be some changes, as early as this winter break. "We have very low counts in our 6th and 7th grades at Tiller and at Days Creek, and so, we're going to combine those teachers into one school," said Porter.

Other options include cutting a bus route and kitchen, transport meals and get more Title-1 funding. "It's just tightening up our belt, looking at increasing revenues and decreasing expenditures. That's what it's all about," Porter said.

Superintendent Porter says that closing Tiller Elementary School would be an absolute last resort, and that they will have a financial update ready by the next school board meeting on December 9 at Days Creek School.