'This is a miracle. This is definitely a miracle'

GLIDE, Ore. -- A Glide family faced with unimaginable heartache has a new place to call home, thanks to a Neighborworks Umpqua Program.

Dawn Ebright and William Bernard say that life started heading downhill over six years ago. "It started when I got pregnant," said Dawn.

Her daughter Lacey, now 6-years-old, ended up being born with bad kidneys. "So, she's had five major kidney surgeries, she's died three times. They just found 10 tumors on her bladder two months ago. And my son, he has terminal brain cancer."

William told KPIC News about the tragedy that awaited them when they returned home from medical procedures for Lacey and Brian, who is now 19-years-old. "Between her and Brian, they overlapped one week between her last kidney surgery and his first seizure from cancer. We had spent almost an entire year in Portland doing brain surgeries and chemo and radiation treatments, and we came back the house was about an inch deep in water," William said.

Even little Lacey knew the house was in rough shape. "It was really old and it was falling apart," she said.

That's when the family found out about a possible way to get into a new home. Eli Medina of Neighborworks Umpqua says the Ebright-Bernard family was one of the first to apply for the program. "The family saw our program and they applied for it, and the game was on," she said.

Stacey Howard, the single family construction manager at Neighborworks Umpqua, says that the project was made possible by a national grant from Neighborworks America. The money was meant for three manufactured home replacement projects.

Howard says that many of the manufactured homes that were built in the 1970's and earlier are basically falling apart. So, the national organization gave Neighborworks Umpqua the money to help three local families living in dilapidated homes buy a new house.

William Bernard says that after all the heartache and tragedy in their lives, they now have something to be happy about. "Thanks to all these, all this stuff, all these people have done, it's amazing," he said. "We have a new house."

Even William's daughter Yvette, who is 12-years-old, was astonished at their good fortune. "I just didn't think it was going to happen at all, but it really did," she said.

Amber Wise, a family friend, says that she can't think of another family that was more in need of something good happening to them. "This is an amazing family with just, the biggest hearts ever, and if anybody ever deserved it, it'd be them," said Wise. "They've been through so much."

Dawn says this whole process boils down to one thing: "This is a miracle. This is definitely a miracle. It is."

If you would like more information on Neighborworks Umpqua and their projects, you can learn more here.