'The love and comfort that's represented in a teddy bear'

ROSEBURG, Ore. - President Teddy Roosevelt spoke to an intimate crowd at the Douglas County Museum, brought back to life by actor Joe Wiegand.

"I'm telling stories of my adventurous life and inspiring the citizens here to continue in the good work being done here in Roseburg and Douglas County," Roosevelt said.

As Roosevelet, Wiegand wasn't the only Teddy on stage. First he auctioned off a stuffed bear to benefit the museum foundation. Then he was joined by 200 Freddy Bears donated by Fred Meyer for Head Start students in Douglas County.

"I haven't had a bear before," student Emma Gardenhover said.

That resonated with the former president.

"There's something about the love and comfort that's represented in a teddy bear," Roosevelt said.

Wiegand hopes these Teddy bears will re-kindle Roosevelt's message within Head Start students.

"I hope that they might know that in each and every one of our lives the great creator has given us some great gift or great talent to build a better state, a better republic and indeed a better world - one good deed at a time."