The bus stops here - for a buck

EUGENE, Ore. - From 5th Street Market to Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square for $1?

BoltBus departed Eugene for Portland for the first time Thursday.

The service started with week with an introductory fare: $1 roundtrip between Eugene and Portland.

"The tag line is 'bolt for a buck,' and every schedule we run every day has at least one ticket that's a dollar just to kind of be fun," said David Hall, general manager of BoltBus.

BoltBus is known for passenger amenities like WiFi, extra legroom and electrical outlets.

"We're just trying to deliver value," Hall said. "I mean for a relatively low price you get a trip between cities relatively comfortable with amenities along the way."

Once the promotion ends, Hall said ticket prices will stay low, in the $10 to $15 range.

And unlike discount airlines, BoltBus doesn't charge baggage fees

"As long as there's space available, if someone had 10 bags, we would load those last and if there's space they go on free," Hall said. "There's no charge."

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