'That tree would have killed me'

EUGENE, Ore. - When Diann Morrison-Wilson woke up Wednesday morning, she was excited to look outside and explore the snow with her Yorkies Tina and Tia.

"I usually don't let them out the front door but I wanted them to see the snow," she said.

She took her dogs across the street from her apartment off Goodpasture Island Road to romp around in the snow.

She started shooting video of the dogs as they played in the snow.

"I came walking this way and I was standing right here so I could get a good picture," she said, pointing to the middle of the parking lot.

But just a few seconds after venturing out, she felt something wasn't right.

"All of the sudden I heard this crackling," she said.

The next thing she knew, a tree came crashing down right on top of her - as her camera continued to record.

"I didn't even notice that a branch hadn't even hit me," she said. "I thought maybe they got hit. I didn't hear them yelp or anything."

The tree - she estimated at almost 30 feet tall - fell just inches from where she was standing.

She called it a miracle she survived. Both sides of a carport she was standing next too were severely damaged. But right where she was standing was almost untouched.

"That tree would have killed me, definitely," she said.

She and her two dogs escaped without a scratch.

"I believe in angels. I just knew immediately the angels protected me cause I should have been under that big tree."