Teens driving and texting: Do the laws help?

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Research shows a large percentage of teenagers are texting while driving, and laws to prohibit this from happening aren't making much of a difference.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed high school students, asking about texting and driving.

Their data was analyzed, and the results might come as a surprise.

They found that there is no difference in the frequency of texting while driving by teens in states where it's legal, compared to states where it is not legal.

Lt. Doug Ladd with the Oregon State Police, says texting and driving is a difficult law to enforce. "In order to actually see the behavior is very difficult," Ladd said. "Someone may have their hand on the wheel and just glance down from off the road. It's a difficult thing to actually see when you're a patrol officer."

Officials say an effective short term solution is a phone app that can actually disable texting.

Ladd says he encourages parents to get involved, taking away the phone when necessary.