Tattoo junkie: 'A steak knife just carving a message into your body'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Tattoo artists showed off their skills with the needle at the Oregon Ink Tattoo Convention in Eugene Friday evening.

More than 150 artists, from all over the country, made there way to the Lane County Events Center to exibit their art and ink as many tattoo junkies as possible.

One of those who got a tattoo on Friday night was Isabel Valentine, a Lane Community College student. Valentine and her best friend were getting matching tattoos on their feet when KVAL News showed up.
"It's like a steak knife just carving a message into your body," said Valentine as she held her friend's hand, barely audible over the buzz of the tattoo gun.
But she said the pain is worth it.
"It says to walk the path of most resistance," said Valentine as she read from the black lettering forming on her left foot, "because most people just walk the path of least resistance and block out all the bad; but the healing is in the pain."
The convention is scheduled for the entire weekend. Day passes are $15; kids 10 and under attend for free.