SWAT team rescues girl, 2, held hostage in Turner apartment

TURNER, Ore. -- A SWAT team stormed a Turner apartment and rescued a two-year-old girl who was being held hostage by an armed man early Saturday morning.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office said the man shot and killed his girlfriend during an encounter with Turner police and held her daughter hostage in the apartment for the next eight hours.

The State Medical Examiner determined that the woman died of a gunshot wound to the head.

Friday's incident started when police responded to a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex in the 7300 block of 3rd Street SE around 9:30 p.m.

According to sheriff's office spokesman Don Thomson, police encountered a man and a woman walking down a staircase from a second floor apartment when the man drew a gun and fired several shots at the officers.

The woman, later identified as 23-year-old Adrian Nicole Bird, tried to run away from the man, but she was shot. Bird died at the scene.

The officers were not hit and did not return fire, Thomson said.

The suspect ran into the apartment and held the woman's two-year-old daughter hostage for the next eight hours.

SWAT teams from around Marion County arrived at the scene and county negotiators spent hours talking and texting with the man trying to convince him to release the girl, Thomson said.

SWAT team members stormed the apartment at 5:30 a.m. They rescued the toddler and took the man into custody.

The suspect was identified as Dustin Michael Bryant, 24 (photo at right). He was taken to a hospital with a minor injury after the arrest and later taken to the Marion County Jail on a parole violation. State police say numerous felony charges against Bryant are pending.

Court records show Bryant spent 20 days in jail after pleading guilty to kidnapping Bird two months ago. One of his conditions for release was an order to stay away from Bird.

Bird's daughter was taken to a hospital. she was not seriously hurt, state police said. She is with family members who responded to the shooting scene.

Neighbors were told to evacuate their homes during the standoff early Saturday morning.

Diane Watson watched from her home across the street.

"My first reaction, 'gunfire in Turner?' No way," Watson said.

She watched police, SWAT teams and negotiators take over her street.

"It went on forever," Watson said.

Heather Conwell left her son at home with a friend, and was at the nearby Walmart when she learned there was a shooting. She said when she called her son, he described hearing a "pop, pop, pop, pop" and was told by police to stay inside their apartment.

Erin O'Brien described moving to Turner to get away from crime. Wiping tears from her face, she said it was "sad (to lose) a neighbor."

KATU's Jennifer Kubus contributed to this story.