Sutherlin robotics team headed to world competition

(SBG photo)

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- A Sutherlin robotics team has made it through nationals and is now headed for the world competition in Houston.

The Mechanical Maniacs is a 4-H team made up of six students, both homeschooled and from Sutherlin High School.

The team's robot, named “Ghost,” will join more than a hundred other robots from around the world at the first Tech Challenge Championship in Texas on April 18.

The Mechanical Maniac's say they're excited the sport is getting attention.

"You know, Roseburg is not like a big town or anything like Portland, where you have all the big corporations,” said one team member. “Robotics and engineering is now picking up and that kids have these opportunities I think is super cool."

The team hopes to raise $7,750 to help pay their travel expenses to Houston.

7750 is also their team number.

You can donate to the cause at the team’s GoFundMe fundraising page.

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