Sutherlin working to resolve parking lot issue

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- Organizers of the Sutherlin Stampede and the Blackberry Festival are concerned over the city's plans to re-purpose their parking lot.

Sutherlin wants to transition the field, which the two events use for parking, into a multi-use community field.

City Manager Jerry Gilham says the first issue is a limited access trail leading to the rodeo grounds.

He said they do not plan to close this trail off completely. "The other piece of it is, we wanted to plant a soccer, baseball, multi-use field there. In order to do that, we couldn't have vehicles on it for one cycle, and possibly two cycles of their events and that was, in their minds, a serious disruption," Gilham said.

He says the transition would, in fact, have an impact on these events, but the city plans to work together with organizers to resolve it.