Sutherlin residents asked to cut back on water use

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- In Sutherlin, officials are concerned about water levels, and they're encouraging residents to limit their water use.

Vicki Luther, Sutherlin's community development director, told KPIC News that they are coming pretty close to their daily water use limit. "We're allowed 1.94 million gallons a day right now because flows in the creek are low," she said.

That creek is Calapooya Creek, which is running abnormally low.

"We're at 1.9, so we're really close to reaching our maximum," Luther said.

That isn't the only issue on the radar for Sutherlin officials. "Probably part of the problem is, our Cooper Creek water treatment plant we used to use in the summer time has been down for a complete reconstruction."

Sutherlin is now in what they call 'Alert Stage 1.'

Residents are being asked to cut back on water use until the alert is lifted.

Luther says that in an actual emergency, restrictions on water would be required.