Sutherlin Police, Public Works employees cross-train to supplement volunteer fire dept.

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- It's been almost two years since the City of Sutherlin reinstated its fire department service.

Now there are more changes coming to Sutherlin's Department of Public Safety.

Starting March 1, members of the Sutherlin Police Department and Public Works employees will undergo a special cross-training.

Sutherlin's chief of police says the training will supplement Sutherlin's volunteer fire department, which now has just three full time members.

"The citizens realize greater response for a whole lot less money because you don't have a full time equivalent of people at the fire station waiting on fire calls. We've got these people on callback," said Sutherlin Police Chief Kirk Sanfilippo.

Chief Sanfilippo says the cross-trained employees will receive supplemental incentive pay.

Between the police and city workers, Chief Sanfilippo says more than a dozen people will be able to help out on fire calls.

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