Suspect in Oregon burglaries asked about missing Florida girl

EUGENE, Ore. - Authorities have arrested one man in connection with a string of break-ins near the University of Oregon.

Eugene Police arrested Shawn Franklin Philbrick, 37, on two counts of First Degree Criminal Trespass.

One Hilyard Street resident's home was broken into on Sunday.

The UO student is still shaken up after hearing noises coming from downstairs.

"I peeked into my roommates room, expecting my roommate, and not expecting a stranger," the resident said. "I found the guy sort of hiding in her closet."

The stranger then tossed a question her way that she was not expecting to hear.

"He asked me if I was Haleigh Cummings and I said no," the resident said. "Then he asked me if I knew where she was."

The intruder said his name was Ronald Cummings and that he was searching for his daughter, Haleigh.

Those two names made national headlines in 2009.

Haleigh Cummings is a 5-year-old girl from Florida who disappeared that year.

The real Ronald Cummings is in prison in Florida.

Timothy Charles Holmseth is an investigative reporter and an author in Minnesota who has interviewed several people involved in the missing child case.

Holmseth wrote the book "In Re: Haleigh Cummings" in 2010.

The author remembers that Wayanne Kruger, a friend of the family, said that a group of Dead Heads had Haleigh.

"She said they were trying to get a story into the media about Haleigh being taken to Oregon," Holmseth said.

Since nothing was taken at any of the homes, Holmseth thinks the burglar could be someone who knows the real Haleigh Cummings.

"It sounds like somebody may have thought they were getting close to where she actually was and that he was actually going from house to house to house breaking in," Holmseth said. "Here we are three years later and a man comes out of a closet and says that. That's what's interesting about it."

Eugene Police are not investigating whether there is a connection to the break-ins and the missing child case out of Florida.