Superintendent: 'Kid sick? Keep them home!'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After closing down Fir Grove Elementary School on Thursday due to illness, crews spent most of the day disinfecting the buildings. Officials say that it could all be for nothing if parents send a sick kid to school.

Crews were busy cleaning the school after an illness sent half of the staff and students home, and ended up closing it altogether.

Cleaning personnel worked most of Thursday disinfecting the campus.

Superintendent Dr. Larry Parsons says that he's confident the school will be as clean as humanly possible, but he adds that all it takes is one sick person to bring the illness back.

He's asking parents to keep their kids home if they show any signs of sickness.

Parsons says this is the first time something like this has occurred in the Roseburg schools.

Caroline Regan with Douglas County Environmental Health, says it may be some time before they can determine exactly what type of illness it is.

She said that a parent notified the health department, and they inspected the school Thursday morning.

Regan says the results will be forwarded on to the state.