Students help with live birth during seminar

ELKTON, Ore. -- For the first time in several years, the OSU Extension Office offered a lambing course in Douglas County.

About a dozen people gathered at a sheep ranch in Elkton, to learn a few things about lambs.

After learning a few tips and tricks about birthing lambs, a few students actually got to try out their new knowledge.

A mama began to give birth right in the middle of the seminar.

Students got to save the lamb from a fairly tricky birth, using techniques they had just learned.

Officials try to offer insight into the entire process. "All the way from nutrition and the preparatory stages, to care of the baby, lambs and kids after they're born," said extension veterinarian Chuck Estill. "And of course, our main focus is how to deal with the birthing process specifically."

The students ranged from novice farmers who wanted to get a general overview, to veteran sheep handlers who wanted to learn something new.

OSU will offer classes like this in Douglas County when there's enough interest.

You can contact the extension office in Roseburg for information on upcoming seminars.