Student on Sutherlin Ag instructor: 'He's a great teacher'

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- Sutherlin High School's own AgriScience teacher, Wes Crawford, has just been recognized nationally for his teaching excellence.

Crawford says one of the goals of the program he instructs is to teach the younger generation how to build a sustainable future.

On Tuesday in his Intro to Agriculture class, that's exactly what they were doing. "In this unit right now, we're actually planting seeds and getting ready to sell them," said ninth grade student Savannah Loos. "Right now, I'm just planting cucumbers and then we're tagging them."

Crawford says the recognition is motivating, and he will continue working to prepare students for their future careers. "This sort of recognition is absolutely great for our program," Crawford said. "It validates the things we're trying to do, our partners in the community, that what our kids are doing are on the right track."

He mentors more than 150 students each year, and teaches five different Agriculture based classes at Sutherlin High every day.

Kirstin Riley, a ninth grade student of Crawford, says he doesn't just tell them what to do, he makes them understand what to do and why. "He's a great teacher, he's really helpful, hands on, if you ask him to explain something he gets really in depth if you need it," she said. "He's really helpful overall."

Crawford received a $2,500 grant for classroom resources as well as a $2,500 personal award.