Student: 'I'm afraid that it's going to shut down, but I hope it doesn't'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After a public forum Wednesday night, it is still uncertain which elementary school will close down in the Roseburg school district.

Now the school board has something else to consider: a levy.

Parents, teachers, board members and even children came out to the meeting to show their support.

A decision wasn't made, but people got to voice their opinions.

The Roseburg School District is facing a big cash problem. They met to discuss closing a school to help balance the budget.

The four schools being looked at for closure are Melrose, Fir Grove, Rose and Green.

School supporters showed up holding signs and wearing their school colors. Alauna Colton is a fifth grade Melrose student, and she is pretty proud of her school. "I came here to represent Melrose School because I'm afraid that it's going to shut down, but I hope it doesn't because Melrose School rocks," she said.

Now, they are considering an idea that could save the schools on the chopping block.

Officials say a tax levy could fund the three critical areas: curriculum, technology and maintenance of schools.

Larry Parsons, the Roseburg Superintendent, says he would like the board to make a firm decision about what route to take. "I want some clarity," Parsons said. "If we're going to run a levy, let's run a levy and put our energies into that. If we're going to close a school, let's get it decided and do it."

The group will re-convene to discuss it more on March 10.