Staying safe with fireworks this Fourth of July

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Fireworks stands across the state are open for business, supplying Oregonians eager to celebrate Independence Day with all sorts of things that spark.

With dry conditions across the region this fire season, the Douglas County Fire Prevention Cooperative is asking people to use extra caution when using fireworks this Fourth of July.

"Make sure they keep an adult in attendance at all time, making sure they don't let children play unsupervised," said Tony Dimare, Roseburg's Fire Marshal. "Always have a bucket or some type of water supply available in case something does happen."

Dimare said people should also submerge their used fireworks in a bucket of water before throwing them out, to make certain they don't smolder or reignite.

Government officials want to remind people of the restrictions on those looking to light up the night sky on the Fourth of July.

Stands can only sell fireworks that are legal within the state; meaning they don't explode, travel more than a foot or shoot over 6 feet off the ground.

If you are going to an Oregon beach, park or campground for the holiday you should leave the sparklers at home, as fireworks are prohibited in those spaces.

Anyone who breaks the rules with fireworks in Oregon could face fines or jail time. Violators must also pay for any damage caused by illegal fireworks.