State of the City highlights upcoming projects

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Mayor Larry Rich, city council president Tom Ryan and city manager Lance Colley updated the goals and challenges Roseburg will be facing this year.

The annual State of the City event was held in Roseburg on Monday.

Rich told those in attendance they wanted to focus on the upcoming year. "Today, we want to focus mainly on the projects you're going to see coming up this year," Rich said.

Colley touched on the beautification projects and downtown improvements. "The primary improvements are going to be ADA, Americans With Disabilities Act, accessibility projects," he said. "We're going to be re-doing the intersections and the storm drains and things, but we're also evaluating some changes in parking downtown."

Micelli and Eastwood parks are also getting a makeover.

Mayor Rich focused on the Highway 138 project set to begin in the summer of 2015. "We'll see the re-construction happening, so there will be 8 intersections in the downtown area that will be widened so that semi trucks can go from, basically the freeway through downtown to Diamond Lake Blvd. And once we get semi trucks to Diamond Lake Blvd, then that will open up development in that area."

Speakers also cleared up what they say are misconceptions about the Stewart Parkway project.

Officials say it's aimed at eliminating flooding on Newton Creek, not to straighten out the 'S' curves.