'Someone didn't just say I'm going to go kill that family today'

WINCHESTER, Ore. - The killer shot and killed his wife and father-in-law dead. Chris Langford escaped alive.

Two months later, investigators say they are working on leads in the deaths of 24-year-old Brittney Langford and her father, 47-year-old Michael Tellone.

The two were fatally shot inside their Winchester home October 22.

"There's been no arrests, nothing like that, and that's very frustrating," Chris Langford told KPIC News in his first interview since the shooting. He had previously described what happened in a post on Facebook.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office calls the investigation a high-priority case.

"I think we're always optimistic that eventually we're going to solve a case," said Dwes Hutson with the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office released a sketch of the suspect based on the descriptions they received.

"Investigators are following up on tips and information as it comes in," Hutson said.

Langford said Tellone was living with Brittney and him out of fear of a specific person.

"In my mind there's only one person that could be behind an act like this, because in my opinion this wasn't just a random act," he said. "Someone didn't just draw our names out of a hat and say I'm going to go kill that family today, that's just not what happened."

Langford said legal action would bring him some closure.

"You know they're not still out there or at least they're not living their life like nothing happened," he said.