Some homeless not happy with why man is asking for money

COOS BAY, Ore. -- When driving north on Highway 101 by Fred Myer, you may have noticed something a little different: a man dressed in business attire asking for money. Some local homeless people aren't happy about it.

Kermit Gaston and his wife don't need help in their day to day lives, as they both have jobs.

But as they try and help children over in Africa, funds were running a little tight.

That's when Kermit decided to take to the streets for some additional help.

Gaston says he needed $1,800 to reach his goal, and this was the idea that came to him. "It was just dropped in my spirit, so I started to bring it to the street," Gaston said.

Some of the homeless in the area say they're not pleased that Gaston has dropped by. "Nobody will even look or stop or even pay attention to me, because he's out here trying to raise money for another country," said Joshua star.

Gaston says he tries to stay out of their way. "I'm not trying to take away anything from them," he said. "I don't crowd them out, I don't get in their way, I just try to do what it is I can do."

Some of the homeless wish that meant helping this county over another country. "Is it such a better cause for him to help out in other countries, or should he be paying more attention to the people in his own neighborhood?" asked Star.

Gaston says he does give locally, but that right now, his calling is Africa.

Kermit Gaston still has a little ways to go to reach his goal by September 23, but he is confident, as he says Coos County residents have their heart in the right place.