Small town boys win big city competition

DRAIN, Ore. -- Two students from a small high school have won in a big competition.

North Douglas seniors Zach Nash and Thompson Rogers won first and second place in a shoe designing competition put on by Nike.

Both teens say they were shocked.

200 students took part in the contest, which is double the amount of kids who go to North Douglas, and the boys say they didn't expect to win. Zach Nash, who won first place, didn't believe it at first. "I thought it was a joke actually, because 200 kids, there's bigger schools that have better designing equipment," he said. "And so, I was just surprised, I didn't think that I was going to win."

Thompson Rogers won second place, and says that it's pretty cool that two kids from a small school won the top spots. "200 people had submitted, and both first and second came from North Douglas," said Rogers. "It makes me feel pretty good about myself, you know."

The two heard about the competition from their teacher Sharon Ruud, and say that they wouldn't have applied if she hadn't encouraged them to try.

Both boys say they want to pursue a career in sports.

Thompson hopes to work in sports medicine, and Zach hopes to continue designing athletic shoes.