Signatures verified, recall election could happen soon

WINSTON, Ore. -- The Douglas County Clerks Office has verified enough signatures for the Winston-Dillard Fire Board recall election to happen.

Citizens gathered over 500 signatures to recall Stan Keeler, Lyle Jeffries and Dale Stutzman, but only needed 385.

County Clerk Patty Hitt told KPIC News Monday morning that the three men targeted in the recall will now have five days to respond to the recall petitions. They can either resign, or submit a 'Statement of Justification,' stating why they should not be recalled.

Hitt says if the three do not resign, the special recall election would happen within 40 days.

If they choose to write the statement of justification, that will go on the ballot along with the petitioner's statement on why they believe the board members should be recalled.

The special election will take place within 35 days after the 5 days are up.