Siblings United as One hopes to bring teens together

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A local teen is starting a group for kids, in hopes that they can have a chance to share experiences with others who are in the same situations.

18-year-old Courtney Wiles' little sister Megan has autism.

Courtney says that, like any siblings, the two somethimes fight. But the issues that Courtney faces are different than many big sisters.

So, she decided to start a group for other teens who have differently abled family members. "You can be able to come together and talk and have friends, and know that you have friends that understand. That's why I want to start this."

'Siblings United as One' is Courtney's dream.

Teens from all over Douglas County are welcome to join, and she hopes to get the group up and running soon.

If you have a sibling who is differently abled and are interested in joining, you can contact Courtney via email.