Shooting survivor: 'I bit his hand at a point during the fight'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Chris Langford lost his wife and father-in-law this week.

Brittney Langford and her father, Michael Tellone, were gunned down in a home north of Roseburg on Tuesday.

Chris was wounded but managed to survive the ordeal.

Now, a few days later, Langford is asking people to help find the man who took the lives of his family.

Langford also said he doesn't think this is a random act of violence.

"This man was on a mission and it is as simple as that," Langford said in a Facebook post.

He went on to give a little detail about what transpired that night. "I believe I bit his hand at a point during the fight."

Langford goes on to describe what he remembers about the man who killed his wife. "Maybe a little under 6 foot tall and about 185-200 lbs, he looked like he was about 40 and had short buzzed hair and stubble facial hair, he had kind of a round face and possibly a wound on his finger."

That wound came when Langford bit the man, he wrote.

The Douglas County Sheriff's office says they can not comment on the ongoing investigation.

Langford said there will be a celebration of life for Brittney and her father Michael this weekend in Roseburg.