Sheriff's office celebrates deputy's retirement

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- He's usually searching for narcotics in the jail, on a search and rescue mission or tracking a criminal.

But today, Kilo is sleeping in and living the good life.

After eight years of service, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office has announced the retirement of one of it's deputies.

Kilo, an 11-year-old lab, is a special canine. While he's a narcotics dog, he's also visited schools to help teach drug awareness.

Now, Kilo retires to live with his handler, Sergeant Tim Huckins.

But living with him isn't something new. "He's been my partner for eight years, he goes home with me every night, comes to work with me all the time, so he's become a part of the family," Huckins said. "You spend more time with these guys, sometimes more than you spend with your own kids. He's part of the family, so that's where he'll stay at."

At his retirement ceremony, Kilo was given a plaque for his service and nibbled on cake.

His owner says now that he's retired, Kilo can just kick back. "We're going to eat a cheeseburger when we're done," Huckins said.