Sheriff: Mother turned to police for help with missing son

WINCHESTER BAY, Ore. -- The Coos County Sheriff's office says Jeffrey Boyce's mother asked them for help after her son went missing for a few days.

Diana Boyce told deputies that her son believed someone in the federal government was spying on him daily.

Sgt. Pat Downing of the Sheriff's office says the mother reported that she didn't think anyone else but Jeffrey was in danger. "There was nothing about anyone else being in danger and the report was that he was believing that his house and his car was being bugged, and that somebody was out to kill him," Downing said.

Police in California say that Boyce sympathizes with the Boston bombing suspects, and wanted to seek asylum at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco.

Downing says there is no indication that he was planning any kind of large scale attack of his own here in Oregon, but his alleged role in the Winchester Bay homicide is still significant.

As for the homicide victim, state police say they have identified her, but are waiting for the medical examiner's office to confirm their findings before releasing her name.