Sheriff: Man in SWAT standoff on Christmas set fire to mom's house

SCIO, Ore. - The man arrested after a Christmas Day standoff with a SWAT team ended with a fire gutting his mother's home now faces arson charges, the Linn County Sheriff's Office said.

Oregon State Police Arson & Explosives detectives determined Raymon Beasley, 54, set fire to paper products inside the Scio home, the sheriff said.

The investigation traced the ignition to an open flame applied to paper products in the master bedroom of the home.

Beasley had holed up in his mother's house after pointing what appeared to be a rifle at a deputy around 9:30 p.m. Christmas Day.

Linn County SWAT team members responded to the scene.

Shortly after midnight the glow of a fire was seen inside a room of the home.

The SWAT team fired tear gas inside the house in an attempt to get Beasley to surrender.

About 20 minutes later, Beasley came to a window and was pulled outside by SWAT members who took him into custody.

Beasley's mother, Carole Knox, escaped the home before the standoff started. She was admitted to an area hospital for unrelated health issues. Family members said she is in stable condition.

The family has established a relief fund for Carole Knox in hopes of helping to rebuild her home and her life. To donate, an account is open at all Sterling Banks under Carole Knox Fire Relief Fund.