Shelter trying to care for large number of cats

WINCHESTER, Ore. -- The cat population has more than doubled at the Saving Grace Animal Shelter, and now they need your help caring for the kittens.

This all comes after 68 cats were seized last month in an alleged animal abuse case.

Since then, one of the cats has delivered a litter of kittens.

Now at least 130 cats are being housed at the shelter.

The shelter needs your help with medical expenses for the recently seized cats, as well as caring for the general population. "They've had a rough time, I would say, and it's important to us that while they're in our care and the court system can figure out what's going to happen, that they are well cared for while they're here," said Wendy Kang of Saving Grace.

The items they need the most include adult cat food, bleach and monetary donations for medicine.

You can drop those off at the Saving Grace shelter north of Roseburg.