Shaun's Precision Lube & Tune, property owner fined by DEQ

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The DEQ has issued a fine to Shaun's Precision Lube & Tune, as well as the owner of the property leased by the business, for using unregistered tanks to store oil underground.

The DEQ says the tanks are made of steel, "and lack the required corrosion protection necessary to prevent leaks and tank failure."

Both the business and property owner have appealed the fines.

Full release from the DEQ:

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a penalty totaling $3,276 to Shaun's Precision Lube & Tune in Roseburg, Ore. for violations related to the use and maintenance of an underground storage tank system.

In addition, DEQ has issued a penalty totaling $11,391 to L.H. Broyhill, Inc. the owner of the property currently leased by Shaun's Precision Lube & Tune.

In June of last year, DEQ inspectors learned that the lube and oil shop had been using one of three
underground storage tanks to store used oil since beginning operations in July 2010. Shaun's failed to
obtain an operating certificate and register the tanks with DEQ.

Inspectors also discovered that L.H. Broyhill had purchased the property in 1986, and leased the property to an auto lube and oil company that installed the three underground storage tanks and never registered the tanks to store waste oil.

DEQ inspectors also discovered that the three tanks are bare steel and lack the required corrosion protection necessary to prevent leaks and tank failure.

During the inspection, Shaun's could not produce release detection monitoring records.

Shaun's and L.H. Broyhill have been penalized for the unprotected tanks and for not performing release detection monitoring for the tank system.

After learning of the violations, Shaun's Precision Lube & Tune and L.H. Broyhill applied in November to
formally decommission the tanks. Work began Nov. 20, 2013 and was completed in March 2014.

DEQ took this action into consideration when setting the original penalty amounts.

DEQ enforces Oregon environmental laws to protect people's health and to keep our region's air, land,
and water clean and healthy. These compliance and enforcement efforts also help level the playing field by deterring violators who might otherwise have an unfair business advantage over their environmentally compliant competitors.

Both Shaun's Precision Lube & Tune and L.H. Broyhill, Inc. have appealed the penalties.

DEQ is currently working with both parties to determine if the initially assessed penalties should be reduced based on any additional facts or actions taken by the parties.