Shakeout: 'The effects would be far reaching'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- More than 260,000 Oregonians took part in the Great Oregon Shakeout.

Here in Douglas County, participation was higher than ever before.

Monte Bryan, a Roseburg Deputy Fire Marshal, says our local drills get better every year. "Our earthquake drill and the evacuation drill, at least for the city building, went great," Bryan said. "It went better than it did last year, which was better than the year before. So, I think we are making progress every year we practice this."

Officials say that earthquake awareness is heightened in the Pacific Northwest due to the potential of the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. "We're looking at the potential for a major 9.0+ magnitude earthquake off the Oregon Coast," said Bryan. "It happens every 300-500 years, so the last one happened in 1700 and we are within that zone right now, and the effects would be far reaching for this area."

Nonprofit groups, businesses and families took part in the two minute drill, followed by an evacuation.

Emergency officials hope this will prepare everyone for the next 'big one'.