Sewage dumping into the Coquille River a thing of the past

COQUILLE, Ore. -- The City of Coquille says that raw sewage leaks into the Coquille River are now a thing of past.

The city's water treatment facility is now complete.

The city says the multi-million dollar facility began taking over the city's wastewater operations back in November, after the old facility frequently overflowed.

Now, the water treatment facility is transitioning into being fully operational. "The big difference that will happen is that we will be putting out a cleaner water into the Coquille River, and there will be no more sewage flows that have plagued us for years," said Ben Marchant, the Coquille City Manager. "The old plant was just undersized."

The Department of Environmental Quality fined the city more than $4,500 last year after the old sewage plant failed, causing raw sewage to flow directly in to the river.