Self defense: 'You're not going to jump up in a Karate Kid stance'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A new self defense course is up and running for the first time this year, and the founders say you won't find any thing quite like it.

It's a course that teaches students practical skills to protect themselves: Scratch eyes. Pull hair.

Instructors say when someone is "jumped" in the street, people won't react like they do in the movies. "When you're suddenly attacked in the street, you're not going to jump up in a Karate Kid stance and protect yourself," said Grant Patitz. "It's just not realistic."

That's why they say you do things that should come a little more natural.

Patitz and his partner Steve Kimball both have a martial arts background. They've also been bouncers at local clubs.

They started Scientific Situational Awareness Training (SSAT) because they felt there was a need for it in the community.

Some students in the class agree.

Noelani Goldbeck says she took the class after a friend was attacked by her own husband.

The instructors at SSAT say most of the attacks a person would encounter are spontaneous, so people need to know how to react

The five-week course teaches students practical skills, and not just how to fight back. They say they also teach things like being more aware of people and your surroundings.

Shannon Kappel is taking the class, and she sums up her reasons in a few short words: "I'm not going to go down without a fight.

If you are interested in joining a class, you can call 541-580-9198, or send them an email.