School report cards now highlight student gains

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Oregon Department of Education released a redesigned school and district report card for 2013. Roseburg Public School officials say they support the change because it highlights student gains more than focusing on specific scores.Dawne Huckaby, the Roseburg Public Schools Director of Teaching and Learning, says the new report cards identify where students are improving. "They had to create a report card that would identify how students are growing, and then also include what percentage of students were meeting and exceeding the standards," she said.

This change allows the district to get credits, not only for the students who excel, but also those students who aren't quite at their performance standard, but are showing improvement. "Students don't grow at the same level, and so, giving schools credit for showing that they are making gains for students who are struggling as well as students that might be in the talented and gifted programs," said Huckaby. "Every kid is growing because that's what learning is about."Huckaby says the Roseburg Public School system is happy with the results of their report card, and will keep teaching to the standard so that students will be successful.